About Fran's Heirlooms


Welcome to Fran's Heirlooms for Tomorrow web site.

I have been making antique reproduction Dolls, shoes, boots, and leather accessories since 1984. All of the dolls here are made by me, I do the pouring, cleaning, firing, and painting myself, these are museum quality reproductions. I have many blue ribbons from various competitions over the years.

I do my best to make the dolls just like the antique was, I use old buttons, lace, trims, fabric whenever possible. The composition doll body's are made with the same materials that was used in 1900, porcelain is also the same as it was, which makes them just like the original with the only exception it is no longer 1900, and there is no assembly line, everything else is about the same, just improved upon!
I use mohair or human hair depending on the doll. The mohair wigs are hand made by Wendy Feidt of Cumberland WI. Human hair wigs are from Bravot(France), Dollsparts, or Global Doll Supply.

My mold selection includes; Virginia La Vorgna, Bell's, Jean Nordquest, Seeley's, Kay's Klowns, Imsco and Boots Tanner, some of these company's no longer exist so their molds are limited in choice.

My leather doll shoes, boots and accessories are made from full grain leather of lamb skin, or calf skins, I also have full suede in some colors. Samples are sent upon request. I use old buttons and old pearls, old pieces of jewelry, tiny metal buckles, silk and lace rosettes, for decorations and bows. I do copy pictures out of books for shoe ideas, and I also make them from an antique shoes themselves when to worn out to be used a shoes any longer. I also use old antique patterns and some I design myself based on an old pair.